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Kingston was the fifth town to be established in New Hampshire. Originally, it was part of Hampton, New Hampshire. After the King’s War, the establishment of new settlements was made possible by peace treaties with the local Indian tribes and, in 1692, by geographical and jurisdictional agreements between the provinces of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Consequently, certain residents of Hampton, New Hampshire petitioned for a grant of a separate township to be created from the western part of Hampton. And so, in 1694, King William of England granted a royal charter establishing the town of “Kingstown,” so named in honor of the King. Use of the title rather than the King’s name was common at the time. The original charter still exists to this day.
The people of Kingston have always celebrated and cherished its birthday from year to year.
A major celebration on the Plains in 1919 was the homecoming of residents who served in
World War I.
In our history, we have celebrated in different fashions. We have simulated Revolutionary Battle on the Plains with the 1st New Market Militia from Newmarket, New Hampshire and joined by The Bedford Minute Men from Bedford, Mass., the British Royal Artillery from Barnstead, New Hampshire and The Iroquois Scouts an American Indian group representing several areas from around New England.
Today, we celebrate with a parade, church services, entertainment for all ages, and each year we bring different venues so everyone can enjoy a weekend full of festivities that will be shared by young and old.
Although a traditional bonfire that had been part of Kingston’s celebration has been discontinued, the celebration continues on with a spectacular weekend that is carefully organized by many volunteers that have dedicated many hours and days throughout the year. Everyone enjoys the fireworks display that is generally held on the Friday night to kick off the weekends events.
Every year the committee welcomes new ideas, and new volunteers that can bring a freshness to the already great events that have committed to the weekend. All in all, the festivities bring so much joy to many children and it brings back so many great memories each year for everyone. If you just come alone or with your group of friends, it will be guaranteed that you will meet new people and make new friends and certainly will not be disappointed.
Visit our town hall on the Plains and get a program book with all the exciting features that will go through the weekend. Come join us!

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